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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

How Does Our Service Work?

We provide complete business plans that have been designed to save you time and give you all of the market analysis and legal advice that you will need.

We provide three types of pre-written business plans:

  1. A Business Plan for US$9.95 that will work no matter where you are located.

  2. An American Business Plan for $11.95 with additional, specific, information for the United States.

  3. A British Business Plan for £9.95 with additional, specific, information for the United Kingdom.

Our business plans are now provided in a Business Planning Package where we also send you three, additional, relevant, business plans with the business plan you ordered.

Therefore it does not really matter which of the similar sounding plans you choose as you will receive a package of plans to cover all circumstances.

There is no charge for these extra business plans.

Please note that we choose the free business plans as we know what is in the business plan you ordered, and we have nearly 20 years experience of which additional plans will be most relevant for your business.

As an example if you ordered, say, Dog Kennels Business Plan, we would not send you other similar plans, but would choose something like Dog Grooming and Dog Walking.

Where appropriate we will include a business plan giving information about a relevant online business.

As an example of this, if you ordered say, Restaurant Business Plan; you would receive Catering and Take Away, but also Online Food and Drink Retailer to give you specific information about having an online presence for your business.

We also provide over 140 additional documents that contain the vital spreadsheets you will need and clear advice on managing the business once it is up and running - there is no additional charge for these documents.

By using this Website, any or all of the materials contained within, and / or purchasing any products, services, or access to this website you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the terms of these Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for reading these Terms of Use in it's entirety.

Delivery of Business Plan


Because we update the business plans before delivering them, our business plans are delivered via e-mail, within 12 hours of the order being processed by Paypal and the payment being received.

No software or hard copies are provided due to the prohibitive cost this would entail. All digital products are now delivered in this way as it ensures that costs are greatly reduced and these savings can be passed onto the customer.

We cannot guarantee you will receive your business plan within 12 hours if you use free e-mail services such as hotmail, msn, yahoo or aol.

This is because they sometimes remove e-mails with attachments; if you have an alternative e-mail address please provide it.

Please note that this problem only occurs in about 1% of orders.

You can ask for the product(s) to be delivered to an alternative email address and we shall do this.


SEND AN E_MAIL TO orders@business-plans-4-you.com and / or businessplandb@aol.com after 12 hours and we will re-send the original e-mail to you and work with you to make sure you get your business plans.


Refund Policy

You will be aware that due to the nature of the medium, digital products are not refundable, once delivered - this is simply because they cannot be returned and is accepted practice and covered in the Seller Protection policies of Paypal.

If you are in any doubt then contact us.

If you would like details of the executive summary of any business plan, please send an e-mail to orders@business-plans-4-you.com and / or businessplandb@aol.com - please use the name of the plan that we do and specify whether you want general, US or UK.

There are links on every page offering this service if you are in any doubt about asking for the correct plan - simply visit the page and click on the link.

Cancellation Policy

Once you have submitted your order it can only be cancelled prior to delivery - you may ask to change your ordered product before delivery, and we will gladly do this, without charge providing the product is advertised on our website.

Business Plan Database Limited reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. All orders are subject to approval, confirmation, and availability.

Should your order not be accepted by our merchant service we may contact you to offer alternative methods of payment, however a new order will have to be made as we do not retain credit card details.


All prices are clearly listed on our website.

There are no additional fees or charges for any of our products.

Product Compatability

It is the sole responsibility of the User to make sure that User's computer system meets requirements to use Website and all materials contained within. System requirements are plainly posted on each product page. Any anti-virus, security, or operating system settings, determined or undetermined, that prevent User from accessing information is sole responsibility of User.

Personal Information

No information about yourself is passed or sold onto any third parties.

We do not retain your e-mail address or place the address on a mailing list.

Great Businesses are planned that way.

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